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Members will be assigned a personal matchmaker who will be responsible for managing the members Mymacchiato. Whilst it is the responsibility of the members PMM to deal with any queries the Members might have, PMM's reserve the right to refuse giving advice to members on any matters which could be considered as counseling or advise in respect of the members' personal circumstances or dating experience.

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Whilst this kind of information may be provided via Mymacchiato. It's up to members to do the rest. During a 12 month membership with Mymacchiato. Matching proposal means matching offerings via e-mail made by PMM's. It is not Mymacchiato. Members are obliged to check their mails, respond the mails from their PMM's within 2 days, keep their profiles update and required to make the necessary updates on their accounts, including updating their feedback form after each date proposal.

Members failing to build a healthy communication with their PMM's memberships will be terminated without refund. Memberships either expire after 12 months or when in total 8 dates are offered and accepted within the period of 12 months. If members reactivate their memberships with less than 40 working days left to the expiry of the membership period, Mymacchiato. For every membership activated against a fee, Mymacchiato. Except in so far as it fails to perform the obligations set out in the points above Mymacchiato.

It is essential that all information members provided must be truthful and up to date. Should we discover that this is not the case, Mymacchiato. All photographs to be used in formulating a profile must be approved by the members' personal matchmaker. Members personal matchmaker will use their best endeavors to assist members in finding a partner by using the information members provide and all of the resources they have at their disposal. However, it is not their fault if the members' compatible introductions do not bring about the results Members are seeking through Mymacchiato.

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As such, any haranguing, blame, disparaging remarks or other behavior which could be considered unsavory displayed either verbally or in writing to members' personal matchmaking will not be tolerated and will result in immediate cancellation of members' membership without refund. In all of members' dealings with Mymacchiato. The applicable law to the use of the Mymacchiato. In case of dispute the ruling courts will be the courts of Istanbul Merkez and enforcement offices; Turkish law and legal orders will be applied. For any possible dispute both parties agree that documents electronic or printed or any other kind provided by Mymacchiato.

Client Agreement By becoming a member of Mymacchiato. Background Checks You agree that you will undertake all requirements to assist Mymacchiato. Your Marital Status By agreeing to these trade terms you confirm that you are not married, not living with a partner or former or current spouse, and are over 18 years old. Truth of Identity and Personal Information You understand that it is essential that you provide us with personal information, including photographs , which is both truthful and current that is, no greater than 6 months old.

Conditions of Membership Cost You agree to pay for our services in the manner specified in this contract. Membership Agreement The Mymacchiato. User Information Upon registration, you will be provided with a password and account designation. Limitation of Liability Mymacchiato. Rules of Engagement It is crucial that you understand there are a few things expected from you to ensure the best possible results are achieved by Mymacchiato. What is Expected of You in Return 1- Truth and integrity: Jurisdiction The applicable law to the use of the Mymacchiato.

You have a great degree, you got your dream job that everybody seems to be envious about, and your entourage finds you quite attractive So how come you are still single?! If you cannot find a good enough reason why you are still single, we won't let you stay curious because the answer is pretty obvious: You simply haven't met the one yet!

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