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Sincerity and intelligence has the strongest correlation, followed by intelligence and ambition, and then fun and shared interests. After each first date, the participants answered the question whether they would like to see their partner again. After the experiment, the participants were also asked to predict how many matches they would get and the actual number of match was collected. On average, they predicted that they would have 3 matches during each experiment but they actually had 2. The number above was calculated by subtracting the match estimate from the number of match.

As it shows, the prediction of the male participants tended to be more optimistic than the female. On average, the participants went on a date twice a month. But does more dating experience help them get more matches and predict their match more accurately? I did a Pearson correlation analysis and found that the frequency of date has a slight positive correlation with the number of match but not the accuracy of match estimate.

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So I used the logistic regression analysis to build this model with the 7, entries and split the training set and validation set by With missing values, I replaced them with the mean in the same class. For example, when one person met 10 partners and received 9 ratings over attractiveness, I took the mean of the attractiveness rating to replace the missing one. In the end, I used the same method to build the model 5 times to exam the stability of the performance. The area under the curve 0.

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The fluorine analysis; fluorine analysis by the archaeologist's work is an univalent poisonous gaseous halogen, relative dating method relies on. Radiocarbon dating can be carried out based on the past, Hydrogeochemical and organic covalent fluorine content of fluorine and environmental science.

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By continuing to use this site you are giving us your consent to do this. For more information you can read our Privacy Policy OK. A - In short, we extended the classic collaborative filtering technique commonly used in item recommendation for Amazon. A - People's behaviors in approaching and responding to others can provide valuable information about their taste, attractiveness, and unattractiveness.

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Our method can capture these characteristics in selecting dating partners and make better recommendations. Editor Note - If you are interested in more detail behind the approach, both Forbes' recent article and a feature in the MIT Technology Review are very insightful. Here are a few highlights:. Recommendation Engine from MIT Tech Review - These guys have built a recommendation engine that not only assesses your tastes but also measures your attractiveness.

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It then uses this information to recommend potential dates most likely to reply, should you initiate contact. The dating equivalent [of the Netflix model] is to analyze the partners you have chosen to send messages to, then to find other boys or girls with a similar taste and recommend potential dates that they've contacted but who you haven't. In other words, the recommendations are of the form: The problem with this approach is that it takes no account of your attractiveness.

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  5. If the people you contact never reply, then these recommendations are of little use. So Zhao and co add another dimension to their recommendation engine. They also analyze the replies you receive and use this to evaluate your attractiveness or unattractiveness. Obviously boys and girls who receive more replies are more attractive. When it takes this into account, it can recommend potential dates who not only match your taste but ones who are more likely to think you attractive and therefore to reply.

    Machine Learning from Forbes - "Your actions reflect your taste and attractiveness in a way that could be more accurate than what you include in your profile," Zhao says.

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    The research team's algorithm will eventually "learn" that while a man says he likes tall women, he keeps contacting short women, and will unilaterally change its dating recommendations to him without notice, much in the same way that Netflix's algorithm learns that you're really a closet drama devotee even though you claim to love action and sci-fi. Finally, for more technical details, the full paper can be found here. A - We want to further improve the method with different datasets from either dating or other reciprocal and bipartite social networks, such as job seeking and college admission.

    How to effectively integrate users' personal profiles into recommendation to avoid cold start problems without hurting the method's generalizability is also an interesting question we want to address in future research. That all sounds great - good luck with the next steps! Here we directly measure one's influence, i.

    A - Sentiment analysis is the basis for our new metric. We developed a sentiment classifier using Adaboost specifically for OHCs among cancer survivors. We did not use off-the-shelf word list because sentiment analysis should be specific to the context. Some words may have different sentiment in this context than usual. For example, the word "positive" may be a bad thing for a cancer survivor if the diagnosis is positive.