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The winners can get that star nameplate. Show More Show Less. Living Dead has a lot of things that is breaking it. It's all at fault.

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I find that sometimes I am defending against zombies in this game type and then I will suddenly just die on the spot with no enemies near and become a zombie. It's very frustrating since it happens when I am surviving pretty well. Why does this happen?

Fat kid or 30 days of night. Giestbusters Alpha Zombie gametype Flying invisible ghosts attempt to convert ghostbusters to be their minions. Last man standing magically turns into Doughnut with infinite "let's get the hell out of here.

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  7. Living dead is a let down in reach.

Be it ghost-plasma, positively charged plasma or protonpack-streamers. Give the Survivors a small pool of lives. That way it's possible to get the Infection Spree medals. I was playing a varient called nascar where humans get a high speed vehical on a slope and zombies had a grav hammer. And while its almost skilless at times, it was darn near the most fun Ive ever had on halo.

If a zombie gets kicked from the game before update or leaves the game and the sides arent fair aka. Ghostbusters was decent, but it would require a camo fix to work very well in Reach. Cat and Mouse Wraiths vs Mongooses was also kinda nice. Going off-topic for just a short moment, though: Second obvious is porting Halo 4's Flood gametypes and maps. Again, anything less would be a disgrace. Plus, because everyone has Forge Island now, those Forged maps can now be enjoyed much more frequently.

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The first thing is the player count. Now this one is going to be a topic for sure. Halo 3's was 13 players. Halo 4's was Fans of Halo 3's will want the original 13 player count. Halo 4's maps can demand the lower player count. So how do you balance it? How do you make it work? Well, I severely suggest the player count be 12 players.

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Yes, it's 1 less than Halo 3's but still very close , and 2 more than Halo 4's yikes So what's my reasoning for 12? A lot of Living Dead fans have wanted the higher player count that Halo 3 and Reach had, so there's a win. It keeps Halo 3's Living Dead's experience very similar to the original, another win. Halo 2 Anniversary can definitely benefit from it if allowed to benefit from it.

Does living dead affect COo invasPETITVE KDR?

But the real problem it actually isn't, believe it or not is Halo 4's Flood. With 2 extra players, and some of the maps being quite small, how could it work? Well, I've played many and I mean many custom lobbies of Flood, with at least 12 players max 14 , and I've always found, no matter what size the map was, 12 was the perfect balance. You can take my word or not, but I assure you, 12 is the perfect number. Another thing is possibly updating Halo 4's Flood.

The first thing that should happen is the Default Flood gametype should have our custom colors, like seriously. There's no sense in us having to deal with forced colors anymore. The second thing is adding a new gametype where the Flood get no shields nor AAs, and the Survivors get Shotguns, Boltshots no Magnum since it has a scope, and we don't need Reach's mini-DMR sniping all over again , and no AAs also, the map Complex cannot be in though for this gametype as it would be incredibly tough for the Flood to reach the Survivors.

Reach , a maximum of twelve is only required and can be knocked down to eight before the game begins. The Living Dead playlist has appeared several times since the launch of Halo 3, either as a ranked playlist or as social playlist.

All gametypes allow Humans to use a Machine Gun Turret if there is one on the map. But however, if a player detaches one and drops the weapon, it cannot be picked up. Sign In Don't have an account?